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What facials should you choose at the aesthetic medicine clinic?

The first visit to an aesthetic medicine clinic or its website can be intimidating. The price list is full of mysteriously sounding names that give you a headache, as well as their prices. All of them can do wonders, if of course they are done by a professional. What treatments are worth considering and what do mysterious names mean?

Aesthetic medicine clinics and clinics , meeting clients’ expectations, offer a range of treatments that will help improve the condition of the skin and hair, reduce stretch marks, eliminate cellulite and much, much more. To choose, to color.

What can be improved under the guidance of specialist doctors?
Aesthetic medicine treatments can be divided into those directed to the hair, face and body. What exactly do aesthetic medicine clinics offer ?

Facial treatments

Everyone already knows peels. Enzymatic, coarse and fine-grained. However, those made from aesthetic medicine clinic are perfectly matched to the type of skin and its needs. They help in the treatment of acne, tighten pores, reduce the effects of aging. The most popular are glycolic and mandelic acid peels. They are of course painless, the treatment itself is pleasant, and the fragrance of the preparations is relaxing. There may be a slight pinking of the skin, which passes after a few hours. The procedure itself takes about half an hour, and the price ranges from 150 to 400 zlotys.


This treatment is recommended for people who care about cleansing and brightening the skin, as well as reducing pores. It involves abrasion and suction of calloused epidermis and impurities that have accumulated on the skin. It stimulates the skin to regenerate, and also improves circulation and oxygenates it. Microdermabrasion allows you to get rid of discolorations (e.g. resulting from acne), and also reduces fine lines and scars. The treatment lasts several minutes and costs from 200 to 300 PLN.

Hydra facial

J It is a procedure during which a special head is used, which exfoliates the epidermis, and then a specialized active substance is applied. The head allows active substances to reach deep into the skin. The procedure lasts half an hour and is not painful, there are no side effects. Depending on the type of application, the price ranges from 400 to 650 PLN. For the best results, repeat the treatment several times.


This is an ideal therapy for people who want to get rid of discoloration of various origins in less than 20 days. This is one of the few procedures that is performed in the office and then continues at home. The procedure recommends applying a special mask on the face with substances allowing to get rid of discolorations. The first mask must remain on the face for 5 hours. The price is about 1600 PLN. A big plus is the rapid appearance of lasting effects.

Hair Treatments

Needle mesotherapy – it involves injecting small doses of medicinal substances into the scalp. It is used and recommended for people who are struggling with excessive hair loss. As a result of injecting the skin with medicinal substances, the bulbs become stronger and the hair becomes thicker. The procedure is best repeated 3 – 5 times at a monthly interval. The price of the procedure is around PLN 200-300.
Body Treatments
Aesthetic medicine has a number of tools to fight broken capillaries, birthmarks, cellulite, stretch marks, skin flaccidity and excessive hair growth, including:

NNM Lipo Kontour

It is a different procedure involving the dissolution of fat tissue, e.g. on the hips, back, stomach, arms, chin or buttocks. This is possible thanks to the very strong substance that dissolves fat cells – phosphatidylcholine. Thanks to its action, after just 10 treatments for one body part, you can start improving the next one. The procedure lasts from 30 to 45 minutes and its price ranges from 350 to 400 PLN.

EAT – Electro-Acoustic Therapy

It is a technology based on a combination of acoustic and electric waves that simultaneously affect a designated tissue area through a special head. It is a procedure that will help firm the skin, even its surface (especially after liposuction or laser lipolysis).

Each session is really short, only from 15 to 20 minutes. It is recommended to perform several treatments to get the best results. The price of such a procedure is around 200 zlotys.


NNM needle-free mesotherapy

It is a procedure thanks to which you can eliminate a very common ailment, which is cellulite. It is removed using a technique called aquaphoresis. Special electrical impulses effectively reactivate physiological processes that are responsible for cellulite, i.e. microcirculation, lymphatic drainage and better blood supply. Aquaphoresis causes the substances to distribute evenly in the tissues. Each treatment lasts from 20 to 60 minutes. To get visible effects, you need to prepare for a series of 8 – 10 treatments. The procedure is not painful. The price ranges from 300 to 400 PLN.

The abovementioned treatments are one of the most popular currently performed in aesthetic medicine clinics in Poland. Choosing a good specialist and a proven surgery will provide us with results that will certainly exceed expectations.